Schedule 2019/2020

Highlight: Batman’s Alley - Vila Madalena/SP (Photographer: Arthur Simões)


Schedule of SP Birô Events


Art Rio - 18 - 22 September 2019 [+]

Art Weekend - 8 - 10 November 2019 [+]

Boutique Cinema do Brasil - December 2019 [+]



SP Arte - April 2020 [+]

ILTM Latin America - May 2020 [+]

Ciranda de Filmes - May 2020 [+]

Bienal  Internacional de Arte de São Paulo - September to December 2020 [+]


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São Paulo EssenTial

A tailor made tour for guests who prefer to know SP in a short time. Designed upon guest´s specific interests, this tour includes SP selected main attractions in 01 day or less. 


Architecture & Design

This tour go through the streets of São Paulo to show icons of our architecture, including projects by masters such as Oscar Niemeyer, Rino Levi, Vilanova Artigas, Lina Bo Bardi and Paulo Mendes da Rocha. This tour could include access to the inside of public and privet building and interaction with local experts. 


Graffiti & street art

Known as the Brazilian street art´s center, São Paulo gets more colorful with graffiti interventions in walls, sidewalks, and street furniture each year. This tour shows main murals and street art areas. It could also promote meetings with street artists, visits to specific art galleries and even workshops with local artists. 



In a recent developing phase, with a growing consumer market, Brazil has attracted investors increasingly and became a center for technology production. Visits include companies, industry plans, meeting executives, business roundtable, especial events and logistics for large groups.    



SP Birô is expert in designing tours based on guest’s particular tastes and tours that mix bits of different tours, producing unique and special itineraries for each guest.



With an unusual history, a complex ethnic composition and huge social and cultural contrasts, Brasil has one of the most intriguing histories of the contemporary world. In this tour, guests stroll around Brazilian history's chapters, visiting relevant sites and getting involved in how our identity was forged.



The exciting Brazilian art scene, with one of the most traditional Art Biennials (SP) in the world and import art fairs, reflects the relevant local art production in the last decades. This tour, designed for curators, collectors, experts and art lovers, promote visits to relevant art collections, artist’s studios, meetings with local experts and exclusive access to museums and galleries´ s behind the scene.  



In this tour, gastronomy goes beyond seasoning. The Brazilian ethnic, social and cultural mixture pops up in the diversity of our culinary. Under indigenous, European and African influence topped by some Michelin stars, São Paulo presents a complex and elaborated choice of flavors. Flavors, culture and history composing each dish amaze guests in this tour. 



São Paulo is one of the most important commercial centers in Latin America, with a fashion, design and art industry in expansion. This tour could fit guest´s individual needs, including selected local brands of clothing, design, crafts and furniture. 

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